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Iraq refuses to be included among the high-risk countries in financing terrorism

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry said on Twitter that Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein has sent a message to his European counterparts to urge them to reject the European Commission’s decision to include Iraq in the list of high-risk countries regarding money laundering and terrorist financing.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed al-Sahaf said in a statement that the minister has sent a message to his European counterparts, confirming that "Iraq has implemented over the years important laws and measures aimed at combating money laundering, terrorist financing, and mitigating the risks associated with it."

The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) report indicated that the AML / CFT safeguards in Iraq are strong, and well established, according to the statement.

And Iraq lives these days due to the repercussions of the assassination of the Iraqi security expert, Hisham Al-Hashimi, who caused a great shock among the Iraqis, especially since the deceased was tweeting about an hour before his assassination, at his expense on Twitter, talking about the situation in Iraq.

It is noteworthy that the specter of assassinations in Iraq was once again overlooked after it stopped for a while due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, as last March witnessed assassination cases targeting activists in the southern province of Maysan.

July 8, 2020, published on Dubai - Arab.net

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay


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