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Dubai topples an international money laundering gang

AMON - The Dubai Police General Command revealed the details of the "Foxhound 2" operation, in which Raymond Raouna Abbas, nicknamed "Hashbubei", was removed, and Jacob Boonley, nicknamed "Wood Berry", and 10 members of an African gang who committed money laundering crimes outside the country.

Electronic fraud, penetration of websites and electronic accounts, and impersonating others for the purpose of electronic fraud on people, seizing their money, in addition to bank fraud, stealing victims' identities and using them in electronic fraud crimes.

Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al-Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, confirmed that the arrest of “Hashboubi” and “Wood Berry” and 10 individuals from the Money Laundering and Electronic Fraud Gang is a new achievement added to the record of Dubai Police’s achievements in enhancing security and safety and preserving people's money. And that after the Dubai police had previously struck a gang of fraud and similar money laundering in the case of "first fox hunting" last February.

He stressed the permanent leadership of the Dubai Police to address organized and cross-border money-laundering and electronic fraud, and keep pace with all of its methods, especially as gangs intend to develop their methods in committing these crimes and exploit the latest technology in their criminal operations that take on the character of international character.

Al-Marri praised the efforts of the Department of Electronic Investigation in the General Department of Investigations and Criminal Investigations, which includes a qualified elite of officers and individuals who specialize in dealing with artificial intelligence techniques to address electronic crimes and detect their perpetrators, praising at the same time the speed of response and high professionalism of the raid teams that contributed to the overthrow of individuals The gang and simultaneously tuned simultaneously.

6 raid teams

Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansoori, Assistant Commander in Chief for Criminal Research Affairs, described the arrest of "Hashbubei" and "Wood Berry" and 10 individuals from the Money Laundering and Electronic Fraud gang in terms of quality, due to their high professionalism in planning, and accuracy in implementation by 6 raid teams The task was carried out simultaneously, and at a specified zero hour.

He pointed out that the process contributed to protecting many victims in different countries of the world and that the gang was planning to steal their money, praising the tremendous efforts of the teams that worked on harnessing the latest artificial intelligence technologies in the Center for Criminal Data Analysis of the General Administration of Criminal Investigation and Investigations, in following up the members of the gang Right up to toppling them.

Details of the case

Brigadier Jamal Salem Al-Jallaf, Director of the General Directorate of Criminal Investigations and Investigations, stated that: “The events of the case started with the arrival of security information about the involvement of an African gang in money laundering and electronic fraud crimes, and that the General Department of Investigations and Criminal Investigations immediately formed a research and investigation team to follow up on the members of the gang, and dump Arrest them as soon as possible, because they pose a danger to people, companies, bank accounts, and credit cards of people outside the country. ”

He said: “The Electronic Investigation Department in the General Department of Investigations and Criminal Investigations confirmed the authenticity of the information, and followed the members of the gang, including “Hashboubi, ”who was boasting of his wealth and possessions on social networking sites, under the guise that he is a businessman, and that he is a member of the velvet class with the super-rich And, with the aim of soliciting victims from various countries of the world for the sake of fraud and fraud.

He added, “The electronic detective team was able to follow all the members of the gang, and verify their criminal acts represented in creating fake pages on the communication sites with fake names, penetration of corporate email, and sending fake messages to those who deal with them, so that they could change the course of financial transfers to their own bank accounts. Besides their work to design and mimic fake pages on the Internet for companies and banks, to steal the credit card data of the victims and seize their money and then wash this stolen money”.

Raid and seizure

Al-Jallaf pointed out that the Dubai Police developed a plan to raid the gang members after determining their residence, as the 6 teams took over the raid in the zero hour, and arrested all of them, and found in their housing huge amounts of information about people, companies, bank accounts and credit cards, along with documents Documenting money laundering, fraud, electronic fraud and account hacking for victims outside the country.

He indicated that the arrest of the gang contributed to the seizure of false documents in electronic fraud operations outside the country that exceeded one billion and 600 million dirhams, in addition to seizing amounts exceeding 150 million dirhams, and finding in their residence 21 computers, 47 smart phones, 15 storage memory, and 5 Hard disks contain 119 thousand and 580 fraud files, addresses for one million, 926 thousand and 400 victims, and the confiscation of 13 luxury cars bought by the gang from money laundering and electronic fraud crimes with an estimated value of 25 million dirhams.

Qualitative process

Colonel Saeed Al-Hajri, Director of the Electronic Investigations Department, said: “Operation Fox Hunting 2” is considered a qualitative process for its effective contribution to stopping the work of this gang and protecting its victims outside the country.

81 Companies

"The first fox hunting" operation seized a gang of 9 individuals, holding African nationality, specialized in money laundering and electronic fraud crimes on a global level, and it ran its business through 81 fake companies in 18 countries, and made financial transfers worth 32 million dirhams in more than one account Bank, and its seizure resulted in the failure of its seizure of 64 million dirhams from 1126 credit cards, they stole their secret numbers, and prevented them from stealing 4 billion dirhams by targeting 800 thousand e-mail.

June 27, 2020, published on Ammon News


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